General Information

Welcome to the portal for the Veterans of the SIEGE gaming campaign in TSR’s Birthright setting!

Who we are: A group of close friends, most of whom have been gaming together off and on for close to two decades.

What we play: Given the campaign name it’s rather obvious that Birthright is the flavor of the moment, but we have dabbled in everything from Rifts and Shadowrun to traditional D&D and Earthdawn. As our group’s resident GM we have adopted Troll Lord Games’ SIEGE system (Castles & Crusades, etc.) as a way to streamline gameplay.

Are we accepting new players?: Not currently, though we are not opposed to opening a seat on my couch in the near future.

Questions?: Feel free to message me.

Play hard and may the dice ever roll in your favor!

General Information

Veterans of the SIEGE: Birthright Bam