The Lansing Family


The Lansing family has ruled Newcayne since it was first established during the expansion of the Anuirean Empire. The Lansings have always been capable and adaptable leaders committed to balancing their duty to the crown with their duty to ensure the security of their people, which made them the ideal choice to man the watch against the Five Peaks while the Emperor attended to the war effort. In the ages since the fall of the Empire the Lansings have largely attempted to protect the people of Newcayne, inherently distrustful of the political machinations of so many other rulers and blooded regents.

The current lord of Newcayne is Aemon Lansing, a young warrior whose compassion and judicious stewarship made him beloved amongst his people. This same compassion would be his undoing after the awnshegh known as the Apocalypse ravaged a small village at the northern edge of Newcayne, Aemon led an ill fated relief expedition which resulted in the death of all members except Aemon from the Apocalypse’s magical plague. Shortly after this tragedy an incursion of goblinoids from the Five Peaks ravaged the family’s manor and began to lay siege to the forests surrounding Newcayne. Bed-ridden and weakening by the day, Aemon entrusted the rule of his lands to his wife Kiya until their infant son, Dane, could come of age.

Kiya Lansing, a Khinasi princess from the kingdom of Ariya, is the dutiful and loving wife of Aemon Lansing. Their union was initially arranged as an alternative to a marriage to a local Anuirean line which would have further embroiled the Lansing family in the political intrigues of the Western Coast. Kiya, the daughter of the crown prince of Ariya, was initially apprehensive of the arrangement. In time her husband’s loyalty to her and devotion to his people overcame her apprehension, and she became deeply committed to him. His impending death has wounded her grievously, but her duty to her new people and her young son has kept her focused on the tasks at hand. She rules Newcayne now, and will guard it carefully until her son can ascend to his birthright.


The Lansing Family

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