6 feet tall, thick brown hair, blue-grey eyes, fresh-looking scar across left eye, heavily armored


MOC.pngIsael is an Anuirean of noble birth. As a brash and fearless youth he had dreams of a life as a warrior, leading armies, conquering invaders, and, with a little luck, dying on a battlefield surrounded by the bodies of his fallen enemies. Fate, and his strict family had other plans for him, however, and his hopes were dashed when he was unceremoniously informed that he would be joining the clergy. Isael was devastated. He’d never had much use for the spiritual, and couldn’t imagine how he was going to survive such a mundane and uninteresting life lighting candles and swinging those incense balls and other unbearably boring stuff like that. Luckily his father took pity and introduced young Isael to the church of Cuiraécen. His life was changed forever. The clergy of the god of battle taught Isael how to harness all his uncontrolled aggression and energy. They taught him control and mastery of arms, yet let him keep the reckless courage he’d always prided himself in. They taught him how to use the power of Cuiraécen to heal, and fight, enhance his martial ability, and those of his companions. He was no longer a loud-mouthed kid fighting for his own stubborn pride, he was a sharply-honed instrument of war fighting for the glory of Cuiraécen.

There would be no swinging incense balls for Isael, he was born for battle, and now he was literally worshiping at it’s altar. Time to go out and spread the good word.


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